Gospel Centered

The gospel is at the core of our mission. The gospel is the good news of Jesus Christ, His death, His burial, and His resurrection. The gospel that saves us is also the gospel that shapes us. We desire to see all the work and worship of God focused on the gospel. Our pastors work hard to keep the gospel at the center of our shepherding. Our ministries strive to keep the gospel at the center of everything we do. Our church is motivated to Live out the Gospel as we Gather and Go.

Renewing Community

Spiritual growth happens best in community. When the Spirit of God and the Word of God come together among gathered believers, the Work of God continues and the Glory of God is on display. We strive to have an authentic, welcoming, biblical community at Shadowbrook Church. God takes you just the way you are, but He won’t keep you that way. He is in the business of making you more like Christ. Our life groups are the primary environments where this takes place.

Kingdom Impact

The church wasn’t created to be a country club, but a driven movement of believers living on mission. We want the local church to flourish, and we are for all gospel-centered churches. We want to have an impact on our own lives, our homes, our community, our nation, and the world. We desire to see Shadowbrook plant gospel-centered churches wherever the Lord leads.

Healthy Homes

The home is one of God’s foundations for any society. We desire to see men and women flourishing in the Biblical roles God designed. We see children as a gift from the Lord who need to gather and grow in the gospel. We give great effort to see discipleship and health occur in the home at every season of life. We see marriage as a great evangelism tool to show the relationship Jesus has with his Bride, the Church..

Passion for Excellence

Passion for Excellence does not mean perfection. It does mean we are motivated to do every task, whether great or small, with excellence because we work for the Lord. He deserves our best.